Lumia 940Lumia 940 has started showing up in more places after a display frame leak yesterday. We received a tip from one of our regular tipsters last night about a Hexa-Core Lumia  with product code RM-1106 appearing on GFXBench. We also tried to be in touch with our regular sources about the device in question and it seems that we are having a look at Lumia 940, that we have earlier posted about. The GFXBench and our sources confirm following specs for Lumia 940.

Display: 2560×1440 resolution, 5.2-inch. (Benchmark lists its a 1920×1080, but we can confirm that it is a crop and not the actual resolution that shows up in GFXBench

Processor: Hexa-Core Snapdragon 808 with Adreno 430 (??)  GPU. This is bit surprising as Hexa-core Snapdragon 808 comes with Adreno 418 or Qualcomm will make it possible in future?

Memory: 3 GB RAM (Again don’t get confused by the 1.5 GB in benchmark as it refers to free memory at the time of benchmark test)


Rear Camera: 20 MP Pureview (Again, the resolution of 4992 x 3744 shown in the above screenshot is the 4:3 image resolution and if you have a Lumia 930 you can check that you will get 4:3 full-size images with similar dimensions)

Storage: 32 GB

MicroSD card slot

Short Pulse variable-tone LED Flash

Continuum for Phones support (Via accessory)

Iris Scanner

USB Type-C & Dual-Role support

Wireless charging support

GFXBench link