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Seems, what “Narendraopined yesterday while posting about Lumia 1320 is actually correct. Lumia 929 will in fact come as Lumia 1320 as revealed by the above images posted in China today on Weibo. This makes lots of sense as Lumia 929 name doesn’t fit into the scheme of next-gen Lumias like Lumia 1020, 1520 etc. Hence it is really simple to understand that may be like Lumia 1020 which was supposed to come as Lumia 909 earlier, Lumia 1320 was planned to come as Lumia 929.

Have a look at the earlier leaked Lumia 929 images which matches completely with leaked Lumia 1320 image above.

Lumia 929
Lumia 929

Thanks Xio-Feng for sending this in. Cheers!!

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