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Lumia 928 keeps on doing well at Verizon. Currently it is one of the top seller devices at the carrier. For making the deal sweeter Verizon has dropped the price of Lumia 928 to $49.99, which is certainly amazing price for Lumia 928.Untitled

The retailers have followed Verizon in reducing the price of Lumia 928 to $29.99, which is more than amazing price for such a device. At Radioshack, Lumia 928 still keeps it close to top in the most popular list, though the list itself is ever-changing.


Such kind of pricing is unbelievable for a high-end Lumia with 32 GB storage. May be Nokia’s exclusive arrangement is paying off with Verizon supporting the push of Lumia 928 with intermittent price drops, something which they did very well with Lumia 822 too.

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