It is raining many sorts of leaks for Lumia 928 now as the time of rumored release date is approaching near. Above new Verizon database screenshot reveals Lumia 928 listed in Four colors earlier confirmed by Verizon employee active in WPCentral forums.


After @evleaks leaked the first sample image, two more images posted on Flickr by supposedly some Nokia employee has been found by TheNokia Blog. Good thing is that Exif data has been captured by the blog before these two images have been removed eventually (as expected).

The Exif data confirms Lumia 928 and the aperture seems to be f/2.0 similar as of camera on Lumia 920. So, the low-light imaging capability is confirmed.




Now coming to something, which sounds really interesting is “Honestabebread”  our most fav Verizon employee ever 😉 saying that perhaps the camera onboard will have higher resolution than 8.7 MP camera of Lumia 920. He says that for last 6 months he has been hearing about a 12 MP Lumia. So, has Nokia found a way to fit N8’s sensor on thinner Lumia 928, or will there be a hump ? This will be a dream case having N8’s camera size and quality sensor, OIS with F/2.0 aperture for great daylight and low-light imaging, if it has to come true !!


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