Nokia has changed the way they handle product launch nowadays and for good. They have started informing about start of “product sales” from official channels. Nokia conversations has today revealed that Lumia 925 goes on sale starting today in Germany. This was expected as, Vodafone Germany had already mentioned delivery in 1-2 days. Even Noovi shop now shows delivery from 24th week if you place an order now. You can click on below links to order the device.

Vodafone  O2  Noovi   

Sparhandy      Modeo

Nokia has also revealed that much talked about sleeping screen and double tap to wake up features will come on Lumia 925 as “Glance screen” Beta. Check the image above. Once the commercial version of the Nokia Glance Screen is released, it will become available to most Windows Phone 8 powered Lumia smartphones in conjunction with the upcoming Lumia Amber software update.

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