The above patent has been granted on 16th Oct 2012 and is available at both USA and European patent offices. Yup, just few days back. Does it ring some bells? Ok, let’s have a look at the below images.


Now, if you are not able to recall where you last saw above devices, then let me tell you that these were part of an old leaked video with many concept devices. We have earlier also posted images of some of the devices shown in this video.

If you compare the concept devices with patented design then not only frontal and back look but also three buttons on left, Camera design and position are similar. The differences I could see is that device shown in patent is sleeker and taller than one shown as a concept.

That brings us to the question which devices are left to come to life. Lumia 810 and 822 (leaked) is out. So, we are still hoping for Lumia 920 variants to come to Verizon and T-Mobile. So, may be this design comes as Lumia 922 or 910. That, looks like the possibility keeping in mind sleeker and robust looking above patented design, which looks high-end to me.