Laptopmag has reviewed the Lumia 920 and also has done a shootout with iPhone 5 and wannabe Flagship HTC 8X ;). If you go through the whole review, you will really like the way in which they have conducted everything. They have used scientific measurements and methods wherever required.

Ok, now coming to what they feel about Lumia 920 after reviewing it thoroughly, they seem pretty impressed with the overall package. They have declared Lumia 920 the ultimate windows phone flagship. A tight slap to the wannabe then :D.

The Verdict: The Nokia Lumia 920 is the ultimate Windows Phone, thanks to its jaw-dropping HD screen, fantastic PureView camera and wireless charging capability.

They have also done a camera shootout between iPhone 4S, HTC 8X and Lumia 920 (Though we don’t understand why they have used iPhone 4S here, or is that a typo) and the verdict is,

Referred to as “the best camera on any smartphone,” the rear-facing 8.7-MP shooter on the back of the Lumia 920 does, indeed, take some great photos and videos.

Time to read the full verdict then,

When you’re touted as the flagship phone for a new mobile operating system, you’d better pull out all the stops. Nokia has done just that with the Lumia 920. It has a superior camera and camcorder (especially in low light), one of the sharpest and richest screens you’ll find on a smartphone, and wireless charging capability that will make your life easier. More importantly, Nokia added some useful apps of its own, such as Nokia Music and Maps, that put it a notch above the HTC Windows Phone 8X. While it’s on the heavy side for a device with a 4.5-inch screen, the Lumia 920 is truly the flagship Windows Phone 8 device. As Microsoft’s app catalog continues to catch up with iOS and Android, the Lumia 920 is the best reason yet to switch to Windows Phone.

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