We have seen many video shootouts of Lumia 920 with competitor phones mainly comparing the “PureView” camera of Lumia 920 with others. But, all the reviews of Lumia 920 tell us that it is a very¬†powerful¬†device as well and I have not seen any reviewer complaining about its performance. So, in case if you really wanted to see how it fares against competitor’s quad-core and custom dual-core flagships, then here you go. We are bringing to you two shootout videos of Lumia 920, pitted against SGS III and iPhone 5 to see how it compares in terms of speed and performance. And, guess what, it comes out on top with flying colors !!

First up is Lumia 920 vs SGS III done by Phonebuff.com,


Next up is Lumia 920 vs iPhone 5 by mobiltelefonru.