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Lumia 920 vs Lumia 928. LED vs Xenon Flash comparison. New Lumia 928 ad says better than iPhone, better than Galaxy.



Seems time to play good guy is over for both MS and Nokia. The new Lumia 928 ad simply shows its Xenon power and low-light imaging capability and aggressively mentions “Better than iPhone, Better than Galaxy” in the end of the advert. We are certainly liking the new aggressive marketing avatar of MS for windows phone as it is resulting in some catchy ads.

Watch the video below or click here,


TheMobileFantics have posted some comparison pictures captured with Lumia 920 and Lumia 928 in similar conditions using the Flash. Xenon certainly gives Lumia 928 edge over Lumia 920, while subjects move even slightly  and freezes them. In the comparison photos, it not only freezes motion and provides much sharper image, natural lighting and warmer tones. But, Nokia may need to alter the color reproduction with Xenon a bit, as it gives slightly more orange hue in some pictures than Lumia 920. Check all the samples below and click the source for reading more,

Below: Subjects not moving

Below: Subjects moving head back and forth quickly

Below: Cat moving slightly, close flash

Below: No movement, low light


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