We got tipped about this some days back, but somehow it slipped from mind. This is a very good comparison between Lumia 920 and iPhone 4S keeping hue and cry raised over the simulation OIS demo video for Lumia 920. Lumia 920 boasts of OIS and iPhone 4S employs DIS for stabilising images and videos. It is common sense that OIS is superior to any form of DIS, but it is always better to see from own eyes.

Read how the video capture comparison on both the devices has been done.

Far from a scientific assessment but video captured on Nokia Lumia 920 vs Apple iPhone 4S. Optical image stabilisation is impressive based on personal ad-hoc this test. Note I am right handed and held iPhone 4S with that hand so Lumia 920 was further disadvantaged. Also Nokia Lumia 920 apparently does not have final software yet. I’m sure next iPhone will probably have some clever image stabilisation too but this is an interesting competitive advantage for Nokia on this new device.

Now, watch the video and see Lumia 920 demolishing iPhone 4S with the OIS tech.