One more week but the same story continues!! Lumia 920 tops the pre-orders charts across Europe beating iPhone 5 and Samsung Galaxy Note in this new week as well.  Once again let us have a look at the pre-order charts for big European markets.


Lumia 920 tops the Expansys UK top 20 pre-order list .


Pre-orders lead the PhoneHouse’s “Best Sellers chart” beating sales of every phone including iPhone 5 there. Also tops the Expansys France’s top 20 pre-orders chart.


Lumia 920 holds both 1st and 2nd positions on the Expansys Germany top 20 pre-order list.


Pre-orders sold out twice at the official Nstore. For the third time Nokia has replenished the stock. Leads the Expansys Italy top 20 pre-order chart.

Not only this if you go to Expansys global site list and click on individual country links for checking the pre-order situations, then looks like in most of the European countries including Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Finland Lumia 920 rules the pre-orders chart for this week as well.

It is great to note that in Italy the paid pre-order has sold out twice since we last reported and in France the PhoneHouse paid pre-order is beating iPhone 5 sales there. Also, this is huge considering the fact that the price for Lumia 920 is not yet revealed at Expansys in most of the countries , but similar is the case with other competitor phones. There is no listed price for iPhone 5 and Galaxy Note II as well.