One more day, one more Lumia 920 sold out news :). This time it is from Denmark. Just having a look at the above  screenshot of the translated Lumia 920 page tells you the story with dramatic words “This item is sold out unfortunately”.

Yellow Lumia 920 link

Similarly Red Lumia 920 is also sold out. We couldn’t even find traces of other colors on the website !!

Red Lumia 920 link

Even at major operator “3” the Yellow Lumia 920 is sold out. Just check the translated page screenshot below.


Our reader “Jens Rotheborg” has tipped us with this info and according to him similar situation exists for other major Danish retailers as well and Lumia 920 is sold out at all of them.

Didn’t we say earlier that “Europe is in love with Lumia 920” ;).

Thanks Jens for the Tip. Cheers!!