Time for one more review of Lumia 920, this time by “The Next Web” and I am pleasantly surprised by the kind of maturity they have shown here. They have complimented and criticised wherever required but no overly defensive approach of trying to find out some con for the sake of a con and then exaggerate that con, like what majority of iFriendly reviewers are doing.

So, TNW has done a great work and reviewed the device in detail and going into design they too discuss the weight but they highlight few important points

  • With such build quality and feel you don’t need a case, which is required for other phones like iScuff phone. So, finally you carry the same weight with you even with other lighter phones.
  • Second point is simple with couple of days you become used to it as happens with hefty Tablets that most of us love to carry with us 🙂 without complainting.
  • According to them the feel of holding the device is more organic and more natural than most phones.

Apart from the design they are also mighty impressed with awesome Display and PureView Camera of Lumia 920 (Both still and Video) which is in sync with what The Verge has also reported.

Coming to their conclusion, it truly reflects their detailed review unlike some other reviewers, whose detailed review and conclusion have no match.

Taking into account all of Nokia’s hardware features, it’s hard not to recommend the Lumia 920 – the PureMotion HD+ display is fantastic, the PureView technology excels at its purpose and there’s no chance that Apple will be accusing Nokia of copying its designs any time soon.

Coming up against the HTC 8X, it’s close between the two, but the Nokia Lumia 920 edges out its HTC rival on imaging, ecosystem and its overall design.

However, it’s the Lumia 920′s considerable heft that will really surprise people when they first pick it up, and at times may nag at them when they compare the virtues of other devices. From my perspective, you’re not going to buy a case for the Lumia 920 as it feels considerably well built, and its weight adds to that.

The Lumia 920 isn’t small, nor is it light, but it is a complete joy to use. You will have to ask yourself some questions before you buy it, but if you want a smartphone that stands out on merit, the Lumia 920 certainly does that.

So we just rate this impartial review highly and recommend it to those who are considering Lumia 920 as their next devices.

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