This is just getting better !!

Now, at Expansys UK, where Lumia 920 is listed in Yellow and Black without a price, Yellow version is topping the “Top pre-orders this week” chart beating iPhone 5 , while the Lumia 920 in Black is just behind iPhone 5 at 3rd position. To all the doubting thomases who will start complaining that since price for Lumia 920 is not available hence it is topping the pre-orders, guess what even iPhone 5 and SG Note II are listed without a price.

One thing seems quite certain then after similar strong showing in Italy and France. There is huge interest for Lumia 920 at least in Europe and that shows in strong pre-orders in UK, Italy and France. Mind you, these pre-orders are for sim-free unlocked device and at a price, which many were complaining to be a premium price for Lumia 920 :).