One of the major Indian daily newspaper “Hindustan Times” has reported about launch event of Lumia 920. They have done hands-on of the device and accept that they are very impressed with everything Lumia 920 brings with itself, but they rue a bit about number of applicationsĀ  available. They are pretty much fine with the weight of Lumia 920 and rather appreciate the “built to last feel” of the phone. This is really good promotion of Lumia 920 considering it is “Mainstream media” coverage.

The price and release date hasn’t been announced in the “typical” Nokia style. Huh!!! But Nokia care has already confirmed about first week January availability of the device. So, price remains a question yet !!

Nokia finally unveiled their flagship smartphone, the Lumia 920, in India. Although the phone is still not out on shelves, the launch event allowed us to spend some quality time with the handset and especially the new PureView camera with optical image stabilization. Here are some of our initial impressions of the Lumia 920.

Much has been said about the weight of the Lumia 920. There is no doubt that the phone is heavier than many of the current high-end smartphones out there on the market today. But is that really a bad thing? Not really. It takes a while to adjust to the weight if you’re moving from a lighter device but after a couple of hours you hardly notice it. It’s also not that big an issue when it comes to carrying it around in your pocket. The solid polycarbonate body and the heft also means the phone feels built to last like few devices out there.

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