It has been quite long since we talked about Lumia 920T sales performance at China Mobile. We are already close to June and Lumia 925 is looming large. So, not surprisingly Lumia 920 has got a price cut at China Mobile as well. Though devices like SGS 4 and HTC One have been launched by China Mobile, but still Lumia 920 is holding its own, if sales charts are some indication.


At Beijing store, Lumia 920T is still 3rd top-selling device as shown in the screenshot of “sales ranking” above.

Beijing Link


Coming to ShanDong store, Lumia 920T is again 4th top-selling smartphone. Though it has slided in rankings, but still 4th rank is good considering onslaught of new devices

ShanDong Link


The above screenshot is from Shanghai store, where after sorting the items list by sales, Black Lumia 920 is ahead of all flagships, beating every other Android Flagship smartphones. Mighty impressive!!

Shanghai store Link

Surprisingly Lumia 520T and 720T are not yet available at any of the China Mobile stores, while they can be bought from TMall and Jingdong Mall. Nokia must hurry up and bring these two to China Mobile stores as they are losing out big time on sales opportunities!!