Damian Dinning has confirmed that Lumia 920 has got same no. of the Microphones (3) and HAAC (High Amplitude Audio Capture) and hi-fi quality is the same as the 808. This is what Nokia terms as Rich-Recording and due to HAAC this records audio as high as 140 DB while  traditional phone microphones top out at 110 dB. But there is a small catch here !! Rich-recording on Lumia 920 is limited to Mono and is not Stereo like on 808 PureView.

But Damian Dinning again confirms that it still will be better than any of its competitor’s smartphone !! Great to know that Nokia is bringing so many innovations like PureView Camera, PureMotion HD display, Wireless charging and Rich Recording as well on one single phone Lumia 920. Certainly it can lay claim to be the most innovative Smartphone for some time to come 🙂