We have heard the announcement that Lumia 920 will be released from 5th of November in Germany. But seems the device is already in stock at some stores of MobilCom-Debitel. A lucky customer has already bought Lumia 920 in Black and sent above picture as proof to WParea.de. He also let them know that delivery is not possible as the devices is still not listed in the carrier’s systems. Any other color variant is also not available at the shop yet. But anyway this marks the onset of Lumia 920 in Germany and that is a welcome news 🙂

Following is the full translated message from the possibly first owner of the retail unit in Germany,


have something that could be of interest to you. While you can prebook the Lumia 920 everywhere only and pre-order, I was today at noon time in the mobilcom-debitel shop, to ask and behold: the Lumia920 is now in my right pocket;) (had it but only in black). You could leave by the way does not deliver it to because that garnicht even where in the system was listed.

Proof photo in the annex.

PS: The seller was excited, when I brought the word Lumia 920 on the lips and has carried them and said she wants to get even it, only in white, which was so not in stock.