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Lumia 920, 820 hands-on review and long video demo.Comparison vs iPhone, Xperia Acro S and SGS III. has managed to Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 for some time to play with. Lucky them, I seriously envy  !! They are the same guys who posted the OIS demo video of Lumia 920 vs SGS III mounted on a radio Toy car.

They have now posted hands-on review of both the handsets and posted a 11.32 minute long video, showing the various features of the handset, comparing it to leading handsets such as the iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S III, Sony Xperia Acro S, Xperia P.

Some noteworthy impressions from them:

  • They say that Lumia 920 is very fast and performance wise it “simply flies”.
  • Lumia 920 feels very good in the hand and the pillow shape form is very ergonomic.
  • Scratches seems to disappear on the polycarbonate case, and despite the glossy finish that fingerprints are not prominent.
  • They tested touchscreen with keys, clothes and say it works as promised by Nokia.
  • The are much impressed by the OIS and low-light performance of the phone’s camera.
  • Display brightness is the highest as compared to above mentioned competitors’ phones.
  • Wireless charging only takes 3 hours compared to 2.5 hours via microUSB . If you could levitate the 920 a bit, it would still charge.

Check the full video below. YouTube Link.


Click here for going to their full hands-on review. Via

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  • rustyknight17

    The Xperia S isn`t quite the equal of the `n`8 , it`s true , but it Is very good ! And of course the 808 is much better than the N8 , it has a muchhhh bigger cam !
    Yes the 920 wins in low light comparisons in auto mode , handheld and no flash due to , as Dinning put it ,OIS and brighter pictures , brighter pictures meaning longer exposures ( de facto night mode ) and a VERYYY powerful LED focusing light !
    Not that the 920 isn`t a good phone , but in all other camera use cases , the 808 prevails . And why wouldn`t u put ur smartphone cam in night mode at , well , night ?
    i RATHER THINK UR LAST SENTENCE SHOULD BE 808 pUREVIEW > N8 >= Lumia 920 >= Xperia S

  • rustyknight17

    I assume u mean the Sony Xperia Arc S , released back in 2011 . Curious choice , as is the Xperia P , which , if memory, has a 5mp camera … Surely the Xperia S would be a better choice , as it’s the current Sony flagship model . Then again , Sony is famous for its camera quality and the Xperia S packs a 12mp cam which is pretty good perhaps good enough to almost match the 920 ? Hmmmm ….

    • Difficult to say that. Xperia S could never match N8. My tests have shown that in loow-light 808 PureView is better than N8 in performance. And now tests show if you use both Lumia 920 and 808 PureView in auto mode, Lumia 920 will win with better light capture. So here you go.
      Lumia 920 >808 Pureview> N8>Xperia S.