My journey with modern Windows platform begins with the Lumia 920, and it changed the way I feel about a device. 10 years ago, Nokia and Microsoft launched the Lumia 920, a device that was much ahead of its time, and probably kickstarted the Lumia cult.

In this Lumia 920 revisit, let’s get together on what made the Lumia series special and why the Lumia 920 is considered the world’s most innovative device!

Lumia 920

My first Lumia device, the 920, was gifted as a birthday gift. I had a brief taste of Android with HTC One V at that time, transitioning from Nokia N9. The first few days it felt difficult as the Windows operating system seems to be restrictive compared to Android device. But one thing was apparent from the start. The build quality, the gorgeous display and the feel of the polycarbonate body was a whole new level of experience compared to previous devices I owned.

Having said that, the operating system was something that took some time to understand, and ones you passed that barrier, you begin to understand how you can customize the device to your liking. You also begin to appreciate how much data and battery life that you get to save because the operating system does not have hidden application running on the background. The seamless cloud integration that offered a new experience of continuing your work in any devices.

The design of the Lumia series continues the fabula design introduced by Nokia N9 and it evolves remarkably with the size and thickness of the device. The choice of material used namely the polycarbonate unibody and zirconium buttons ensured a long lasting and sturdy built quality.

One major point for Windows Phone OS is the smooth buttery experience it offers across difference price points and hardware configuration. Something that Android struggled with back in the days. Scrolling, zooming in and out and even app transitions were smooth and calm.

Nokia differentiated their Windows offering by providing top notch Lumia centric apps that makes the elevated the user experience and making the device a joy to use. I spent a great amount of time trying out their Refocus app, Lumia Cinemagraph,Smart Sequence and even the steady video recording capabilities.

The Lumia series continues the unique offerings of Symbian and Meego Device such as an always on display, double tap to wake and also introduced many new innovations. The Lumia 920 introduced a faster refresh rate display at 60Hz, Qi wireless charging and OIS, making it a device to have many firsts in the mobile world.

Having used this device extensively, having captured many meaningful memories, and having introduced me to a new chapter of photography in my life, the Lumia 920 stirs up an amazing feeling each time I revisit this device. I am sure, those who have own this device would have similar take on it.

10 years later, the Lumia 920, the World’s Most Innovative Device, lives on.

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