Seems thunder has already started rolling with start of Lumia 900 pre-order in USA market.

On, Lumia 900 is already topping the charts for best sellers in AT&T. Check the screenshot below.

Not only this, in best seller category forcell phones with service plans” Lumia 900 black and cyan is already at 4th and 5th rank. And we can only be surprised with the pace it has reached 4th and 5th rank in USA market. It must be selling very well.

Amazon movers and shakers also confirm that Lumia 900 is climbing their sales rank chart very quickly and currently holds first rank in their movers and shakers chart with 234 % growth in rank.. It has already moved from 1107 rank to 322 rank, which reconfirmed that Lumia 900 is selling really well at Amazon.