In a recent question-answer session of Nokia connects with users, several interesting info bits get revealed. This was a Lumia 900 related QA.

It is clear that Lumia 900 is coming with some camera improvements related to focus and color balance.If you remember Lumia 800’s camera has been criticised for some problems with color rendering and white balance. So , it seems based on the feedback Lumia 900’s software has been improved.

Tethering will come native to 900 and even Lumia 610. Good to see that confirmation for an update for 800 and 710 has been done.

Also very good to see that Lumia 800 will receive audio tunings update for better audio output. This has been one of the more criticised shortcoming of Lumia 800.

Last but not the least, Nokia’s focus seems to use imaging as the key differentiator and as told they can really be the leaders in bringing latest imaging tech to masses.