Starting tomorrow Sunday, July 15th, you can go to AT&T Stores in the US and order the Pink/Magenta Lumia 900 to be delivered via direct fulfillment, or visit to pre-order. Pink color and solid polycarbonate construction, a beautiful ClearBlack Display, stunning  design can make it a ladies’ favourite device. And wait there can be more 🙂

There is one interesting piece of news coming from some unnamed AT&T employee. Wpcentral reports that, they have heard from an AT&T employee that the Lumia 900 is set to get a $50 price cut this Sunday and will now be offered for $49.99 on a two-year contract for all colors.  That’s in addition to AT&T stores still offering $50 in free accessories making the Lumia 900 a decent deal for new users looking for a solid smartphone.

So if this is true, Pink/Magenta Lumia 900 can be had at only $49.99 from Sunday, 15th July.

Awesome deal for such a smooth and stylish smartphone:)