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Lumia 840 tipped coming soon as Microsoft discontinues Lumia 830 silently


Lumia 8309 front NPUThings are moving fast in the world of Lumias. Not many days ago we reported about a Lumia 830 successor in works that can be called Lumia 840. Now we have some more info about its possible arrival.

But let me first share a surprising piece of news about Lumia 830. Microsoft has silently discontinued it in India and while it may still be available in stores the stock will not be replenished once finished.

Now, our sources tell us that Microsoft has hastened the arrival of Lumia 830 successor and it will come sooner than expected (in coming months) running GDR2 out of the box and unlike the flagship Lumia 940, that is set to arrive with Windows 10 for Phones. Lumia 840 will take care of the criticism that Microsoft faced with Lumia 830 in terms of lack of capable processor, better FFC etc.

This is what we have reported about some of the Lumia 840 specs. Just remember these details may change when the device is officially confirmed, since we may have info about a prototype.

So, we have some info about one such mid-ranger in works, that may pack Dual-Sim support, 13-14 MP rear camera (PureView), 5 MP FFC, better processor and may sport similar or slightly modified design to Lumia 830. While it is not sure what the name may be, we may call it Lumia 840 for our convenience. This device may have a screen size around 5-inch.

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  • LightCucumber

    Guys, wait for Lumia 940, dont buy low end Lumias, they have that irritatating “Resuming…” screen when switching between apps!

  • hopefully this news is really going on, because after all, Microsoft should make the latest mobile phones better
    however, microsoft phones is less desirable in Indonesia, unless they replace it with the name Nokia with no frills microsoft

  • JLIT99
    • Kamal

      Interesting?? A Network exec wrongly credited for making official statement regarding Nokia Technologies. It’s funny 🙂

      • JLIT99

        Ah, I stand corrected.

        Perhaps Nokia Technologies are moving into the same campus as Nokia Networks? Just a possibility..

  • LOL! MS and Nokia is acting like a divorced couple and the fight is getting really ugly. MS want to remove any Nokia branded device from the market asap and for that they are ‘upgrading’/improving the existing models. Don’t forget that it is the same Elope who gave permission to release those imperfect Nokia labelled devices in the first place!

    Nokia on the other hand has removed WP store link from their HERE map advertisements. And don’t even want to be anywhere near windows. *Sigh*

    • Ben A

      go ahead, if brand is make you buy a phone then your delluded, when you buy a device, you buy quality not junk. Brand is the last thing on people’s mind. Guess what Lumia 535 now outselling Nokia best selling low budget windows phone, was the worlds best selling windows device.

      • If ‘Brand’ was the last thing in people’s mind, Apple would’ve been nowhere in the Top 3 list. Also the list might be ruled by Many Chinese phone manufacturers who provide better quality hardware and better specs in almost half price of the market leaders.

        Also, my comment nowhere said brand is what makes me buy a phone(even though it is true). I just pointed out What MS and Nokia is trying to do in today’s market and current scenario. I wonder if my comment part on MS prompt you to reply like that! LOL!

        • Ben A

          I dont get paid by MS, if i did, I wouldnt even reply idiot. Brand is nothing. Apple is top 3 because they provide loyality, many chinese put quantity on specs, not quality, so market leaders my ass. End of story and Goodbye

          • //Apple is top 3 because they provide loyalty, many chinese put quantity on specs, not quality, so market leaders my ass//
            And I never said anywhere that you are getting paid by MS. I didn’t called you names,yet. I don’t want to talk to some idiot who don’t even read properly what others are writing. Before you reply to anyone next time, please please try to read their comment few times and understand ONLY what they have written, NOT what you think about them! Bye.