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Lumia 830 & Lumia 730 pack Lumia Denim & Alpha Cortana, but miss “Lumia Camera”

Cortana IndiaSo, in case you have just become proud owner of any of the two latest Lumia devices, Lumia 830 or Lumia 730, you may be happy to know that it comes with Lumia Denim firmware and Windows Phone 8.1 update 1 out of the box.

Which means, Cortana Alpha should be there on both the devices for supported countries like India, Canada and Australia. Yes, it is present there in the app list, but you need to make a small change in speech settings before you can use it. You need to set the speech language as “English UK” for India and Australia and “English US” for Canada and you should be able to use it, as can be seen in the above screenshot.

While, Cortana is present, there is something which is a surprise miss! Lumia 830 and Lumia 730 still have Nokia Camera in place of Lumia Camera, which was supposed to come with Lumia Denim update and brings features like Moment capture, Rich capture, better imaging algorithms. Read all about Lumia Denim here and read all about Lumia Camera here.

We reached to Juha, the Imaging expert at Microsoft mobile with our query and he says that Lumia Camera will come later this year. This is one more classic case of building up the excitement and then making users wait!!

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  • pravesh

    Using nokia lumia 730, having problem.related to my data means whenevr i’m clicking some pics from my nokia camera they are not found anywhere after sometime, where is d data going? location?

  • jeeva

    i have a lumia 730 and when i tap camera or nokia camera the phone loads something and then crashes and goes back to the start screen. Please help me what to do and how to solve this problem in lumia 730…

    • Kamal

      Uninstall and re-install Nokia Camera 🙂

  • Alexander Farrugia

    My Lumia 830 camera is not working. When I tap on Camera or Nokia Camera, the phone loads something, then crashes and goes back to the start screen. Please help.

    • Kamal

      Uninstall and re-install Nokia camera. If it still doesn’t work back up stuff and try a hard reset.

  • Just thought I would post my experience with Cortana as Alpha in Australia, so I imagine it will work for India and Canada as well.

    I setup my phone to install Cortana (Alpha). In my case speech was set to English UK and region was set to Australia. Once I did this I had to restart the phone and Cortana was loaded with a limited interests box compared to what Cortana offered in the USA.

    I then tried to load English US for speech but the phone came back with the message English US is not available in your region, so I then setup speech and region to US to get the whole Cortana experience. Once you have done this you are then prompted to restart your phone and hey presto, next time you open up Cortana there are a number of extra options in your interest box such as notify me for my next appointment etc.

    The beauty was that was I reset my phone back to speech English UK and region Australia, I am still getting the extra notifiers such as I need to leave for my next appointment even though those interest boxes don’t show anymore in Cortana = PRETTY AWESOME! 🙂

    • Kamal

      That’s clever indeed :P. Alpha Cortana needs some updates for sure adding new interests. They haven’t focused much on Alphas.

      • sakshi

        hii are u sure v can use cortana with new intrest in india by changing speech and region to US

        • Kamal

          I think what he meant is that notifications for appointments are working but interests as such are still not available.