One more Lumia 820 variants gets real in leaked pictures in China. This has been tipped to be Lumia 830 which looks like highest in the hierarchy of WP8 Lumia 8XX devices yet. But surprisingly WPdang claims it to be Lumia 710’s successor, which to us is bit surprising information ,considering the design of device which looks sharpest out of all the Lumia 8XX devices. Also the number 830 suggests something better than Lumia 822 which is best of the lot with 16 GB storage and other full pack of features. So, may be a HD screen ;), Dreaming Huh!!.  But if Nokia packs a HD screen, it will outright kill wannabe Flagship copycat HTC 8X.


It will be interesting to see where Nokia is going to position this devices as I don’t think it is going to exclusive to any of the carriers.

Thanks Mathur for the Tip!!