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Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 best sellers at China’s largest phone retailer “D.Phone” aka Dixintong.


We informed you today about Lumia 920 and 820 being the top seller phones at “Suning” and “TMall“. One of our regular blog readers “Surfarn” left us with a tip about China’s largest phone retailer chain called “D.Phone” aka “Dixintong” which has extensive nationwide retail coverage across the country !! It was in news for cooperating with Microsoft for windows phones and being the distribution partner for Jolla Mobiles sometime back.

Anyways, the good part is that even at Dixintong, Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 are the chartbusters. Yup if you have a look at the above list which, I think is perhaps new product hot list, Lumia 820 is at no. 1 and 2 positions while Lumia 920 ranks 3rd ahead of all other phones.

Surprisingly in another hot list which you reach when you click on “Mobile Phones” options, Lumia 920 is the top phone in that list. So, any given way, it is advantage Nokia at the China’s largest phone retailer ;).


Source Link 1  Source Link 2

Thanks “Surfarn” for this Tip. Cheers !!

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  • Fer

    Are these real bets sellers or just “featured smartphones” , don’t speak Chinese and translators don’t go that far. I do see it often on Chinese web retailers as Lumias being on top but I just can’t take the news as presented. I love Nokia and their phones and wish them the best but could this be just sales pushing strategy by either telecom, Microsoft or Nokia by giving these web retailers better margins on Lumia phones therefore are being featured?

    • You are certainly Funny :P.

  • Geeks

    I easily see the Lumias occupying the top 20 positions at many retailers in the world by the end of June.
    This is the reasoning behind that: You have Lumias 920, 820, 810, 822, 920T, 720, 720T, 620, 620T, 520, 521, 520T all in at least 4 colours (some in 6 colours) – i.e more 50 SKUs on the market by June selling like hot cakes. I am looking for that pattern to form on one of those retailers’ site at some point…..