Lumia 810 exclusive for T-Mobile has been announced and the product page also goes live on the Nokia USA website. Lumia 820 has already been there for some time and other than AT&T it is going to be launched around the world. So, how these two Lumia devices differ?

If you have a look at the above image, you can notice obvious visual design differences between two. But just to understand what the specs and features say, we are bringing a spec to spec comparison of Lumia 810 and 820.

First the size differences,


So, Lumia 810 is thicker and lighter than Lumia 820 and also it seems to have better Battery-life as the 10.2 h talk time suggests. If you visit the product page of Lumia 810, one more difference comes to picture. Lumia 810 will sport “Corning Gorilla Glass display” while Lumia 820 has a scratch-resistant display.

Apart from this Lumia 810 has been confirmed to have 1.2 MP Skype certified HD Front cam as compared to VGA Front cam on Lumia 820. RAM wise they both have 1 GB RAM. Rear Camera looks to be the same unit.

The Lumia 810 product specifications are still not fully updated so, we are not able to guess about other cool features like Supersensitive touch screen, Dolby speaker sound etc. which are available on Lumia 820.

If you want to go through the full comparison sheet, 810 vs 820.