The software update 12070 for Lumia 800 seems to be available now in India as well, other than Singapore and couple of users have reported that update is available via Zune only and Nokia site still shows older firmware version.

Check the screenshot,

Users are also reporting many improvements  in Lumia 800 as expected and shared by us earlier.

As posted on Nokia support forum, a user from India has noticed following improvements,

  • Audio has very good improvement (More balanced with BASS) than compared to the tin can sounding music before, on both speaker and wired headset..Audio is now good even at level 5-10/30 (as in loud)
  • Battery discharge rate between 60-100 with EDGE on..
  • Camera is improved..Noise level is significantly reduced (was a lot earlier)..Candle light and sports modes are there now..Aperture for light sensitivity is more accurate (light sensing is better)..
  • The three soft keys (Back, Home & Search) now light up on all lightning modes (Low, Medium, High & Auto)..This wasnt working earlier..
  • Diagnostic app (##634#) no longer shows full battery charge capacity..It only shows the percentage, voltage and discharge rate..
  • The ultimate question by everyone..THE BATTERY..Well not yet taken it to max yet but after looking at the discharge rate it may just actually last a couple of days without charging..Will update on this in future..

 You can check the Nokia support link here.