Two Finnish phone carriers have released their sales results for the month of February 2012 and both show that the Nokia Lumia 800 was the best selling phone for February.

Phone carrier, Elisa, shows that the Lumia 800 was number one for both consumers and for businesses in February. Apple’s iPhone 4S was number two in sales for consumers in February.

Another wireless carrier in Finland, DNA, also showed the Lumia 800 on top of consumer sales for February, again beating out the Apple iPhone 4S.

The Lumia 710, which launched in Finland in mid-February, came in at number nine for DNA’s list of best selling smartphones for February and in the 12th position in Elisa’s consumer and business sales list.

With the Lumia 900 about to come to Finland in May , it seems that good times are about to roll for Nokia.

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