Lumia 730 IndiaI got a chance to visit some multi-brand retails stores and Nokia priority stores in Bangalore on the weekend. On asking about Lumia 730‘s sales performance, UniverCell, Sangeetha and Nokia priority store guys were in agreement that it is moving very fast and it is one of the best-sellers across all available smartphones.

But still they rued about stock unavailability and while they are still selling it for around RRP of Rs 15299, they say it is hard to meet the demand!! Lumia 830 is also seeing good demand as per the feedback, but Lumia 730 is much ahead of it in terms of initial traction, it seems.

Situation is worse online, where it is sold out across all major retailers or if available, it is priced higher than the RRP at Rs 17000 (Snapdeal). So, retail stores remain the only option, if you want to buy a Lumia 730 for the right price, but given the stock situation, you may need to wait.

Microsoft may be a hit on their hands, but stock availability remains a big question-mark!!