Debian_Red1 Lumia_730_mainWe spotted the mid-range 4.7-inch display “Selfie” phone in Adduplex database as RM-1038 and RM-1039, after our sources confirmed its existence. The device is now leaked in real-life photos and we can confirm that it’s the real deal.

It carries the “Polycarbonate” unibody design genes. The front design looks more like Nokia X / Nokia XL, while the back design is more like Lumia 920 and others in family. The phone will come packed with Zeiss camera and our sources have tipped is that it may have a 8 MP sensor. Though more interesting will be its front camera which will a 5 MP shooter giving it the “Selfie Phone ” identity. Have a look at some of its probable specs,

4.7 inch, 720p resolution display

Quad-core Snapdragon 400 processor

Adreno 305 GPU

8 MP rear camera

5 MP FFC for selfies

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR1

Hidable on-screen touch buttons

The other interesting thing the leaked image reveals is new Lumia firmware called “Lumia Debian Red”, which may get its name changed later, as has been the case with earlier firmwares like Lumia Cherry Blossom pink” renamed as Lumia Cyan.

Via: WPC