Gizmodo has posted some photo samples captured with Lumia 720‘s 6.7 MP camera with wide F/1.9 aperture tuned for low-light awesomeness like its bigger sibling Lumia 920. Though according to Gizmodo the samples from Lumia 720 are bit grainy than those from Lumia 920, but it already has started destroying competition.


Here HTC 8X and Lumia 720 cameras have been compare by the reviewer both using flash and without flash. In both the conditions Lumia 720 photo sample looks better. According to the reviewer, Lumia 720’s flash has been tuned in such a way that it doesn’t impact colors and the image retains natural color. Hence while without flash it gets more light due to its wide aperture, with flash it captures better usable images than HTC 8X.

Check the samples above and below.