According to the sources Lumia 650 rumored to come to many operators in Italy and it shows also the untimely firmware availability on Microsoft servers.


Technical specifications

  • Processor – by rumor has emerged that the processor is the same as the Lumia 550, which is the Snapdragon 210. Instead we are pretty sure that the 650 will mount the Snapdragon 212, with 1.3 Ghz clock speed and Quick Charge 2.0.

  • Memory – again we can confirm, at least for the Italian market, the presence of 16 GB of internal memory expandable.

  • Display – the 650 will be equipped with a HD display (1280 x 720) from 5 sec (about 295 ppi).

  • Camera – the main will be 8 MP camera with LED flash, while the front should be from 5 MP.

  • Battery2000 mAh, should be included wireless charging.

  • Connectivity – in addition to the classical connections, it is important to highlight its support to LTE networks.

  • Aesthetics – the two versions will be White (Light) or Black (Dark). This will not affect only the back housing, but also the front of the device (in the same way as the Lumia 710). As is well known, the phone will have an aluminium frame and a removable seat.

Availability in Italy

The Lumia 650 (RM-1152) will be available in four variants operator, H3G, Vodafone, Tim and Wind. All operators will offer both colors available. There are no news on price, but should be somewhere around 200 €.

Operating system

From ROM on Microsoft servers, we can see how the firmware versions and operating system are not the newer ones. The Lumia 650 will be aligned to the versions available for Lumia 550 and 950.

  • 01078.00025.15484.39005 (and variants)

  • Windows 10586.11 build 10 update 1511