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Lumia 630 gets Firmware update adding continuous autofocus & skype integration to dialler

Lumia_630_close_leak-578-80A new software update is rolling out to Lumia 630 it seems. The update takes the Lumia 630 OS version to 8.10.12397.895, the same OS version that Windows Phone 8.1 dev preview version got updated post latest 3rd update.

It enables continuous autofocus to Lumia 630 Nokia camera app, a feature which is coming with Lumia Cyan for Lumia 1520 and Lumia Icon too. There are minor changes like Skype getting added prominently to the dialler, something which we already can see on devices running latest version of developer preview.

Thanks Sanjo for the info. Cheers!!


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  • Jawad

    Dear Mr. Kamal,

    Please guide me that I have Lumia520 and I got it updated via Preview for Developer to Win 8.1 and enjoying various update features such as selection of multiple message for forwarding/deleting and most importantly the Live Folder option which is really great.

    About two months back I bought Lumia630 for my wife which has pre-installed Win 8.1 in it and has OS 8.10.12397.895 in it. Although it has preloaded Win 8.1 but both the already mentioned updated features are missing in it. When I try to update the phone, it says your phone is up to date.

    You are requested to guide how can I update Lumia630 to get those features.



    • Kamal

      With DP you got WP8.1 update 1 on your Lumia 520, which brings Folders.

      Lumia 630 comes with Cyan which has WP8.1. Lumia Denim brings WP8.1 update 1 to devices without DP.

      So, if you don’t want to wait, enable DP on Lumia 630, it will get all the features.

      • Jawad

        Thanks for your guidance but don’t you think that enabling DP on a preinstalled WP8.1 will create problem for it?

        Secondly one problem that I’ve faced is that all my games are scattered in the list. What to do of them? They are showing in both the Games and in the general list too.

        Your help needed.


        • Kamal

          No, DP doesn’t cause any issue on WP8.1 pre-installed devices. I have done it on my Lumia 530, 630, 830 and even on latest Lumia 1020, which came with Cyan pre-installed. But, that’s my experience. You have to take the call urself 🙂

          • Jawad

            Hey Kamal! Thanks for your guidance, I’ve done it 🙂 and I’ve got almost all the new features. Thanks to you again.

            Now for the other guidance that I requested regarding the scattered games in the list. What to do of them? They are showing in both the Games and in the general list too.

            Plus I think that since last few days my battery is draining much quicker now. How to save it? I’ve done all the possible things to save it. Previously the drain out time was 36-40Hrs which is now reduced to 26Hrs now.

            Waiting for your yet another super idea 🙂

            • Ganesh

              First tell me how you are getting 36-40 hours of battery. Im using lumia 630. On a full charge, its comes hardly 12-13 hours. I have 3g enabled. Listen to songs for 90 minutes. Play games for one hour. whatsapp and browsing for 2-3 hours.

              • Jawad

                Dear Ganesh, I’m talking about the time when I bought the phone, I apologize I might have exaggerated the battery timing but the main thing how I use my Lumia 630 is that I’ve not enabled the 3G services plus I mainly use my phone for using the internet services and rarely play music on it 🙂 Previously it used to show me expected battery time: 1 Day + 8-10hours but now it only shows upto 25 hours.

                • Ganesh

                  Thank you Jawad, That explains.

            • Kamal
              • Jawad

                Thanks Kamal for your guidance, I’ve updated my phone and now its showing the features of Lumia Denim 🙂

  • Muzammil

    When it is available in UAE??

  • sachin

    It Only Updates On WIFI Not On 3G What A Stupid Joke Microsoft Has Played.

  • Ganesh

    I bought a new Lumia 630 Single SIM last week (18/07), I’m new to the windows phones! Now, when i try to update my phone to latest software from “settings -> phone update” it shows, your phone is up to date. Phone about shows OS version as 8.10.12359.845.

    Is it a bug, or i have to wait for the update.

    • Kamal

      May be you need to wait 🙂

      • Ganesh

        Thank you Kamal 🙂

    • Jawad

      Dear Ganesh,

      Thanks to the Kamal, I’ve updated my phone via Preview for Developer and now its updated to Win8.1 update 1 (OS: 8.10.14192.280)
      You can also do the same to update your phone 🙂

  • Massis

    My father has checked yesterday on his dual sim 630, still no update. Did you get this update on a single or dual sim 630?


  • zicoz

    Does it speed up the launch of the camera app? One of the things I loved with WP was the quick access to the camera app, but that’ssort of gone when it takes close to 10 sec to launch the app.