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The cheapest and smallest Lumia WP8 sibling Lumia 620 is no slouch it seems, when it comes to imaging. Though, you may feel the 5 MP camera is not comparable to Flagship devices having 8 MP camera units, but talk about imaging quality and performance and you will get pleasantly surprised with what this 5 MP camera is capable of.

Not only it takes really good low-light photos and nicely detailed and sharp daylight photos but surprisingly the post-processing software lets the image retain “natural and close to real” look which has  been a trademark of Nokia’s camera flagships like N8, 808 PureView and Lumia 920.

Below is a daylight comparison posted by one of the common user in “WPCentral Forum“. He has compared Lumia 920, Canon 650 and Lumia 620 in both daylight and low-light conditions. Lumia 620 really surprises one with the results.

The above low-light images are taken from a comparison posted between Lumia 920 and 620 by

Lumia 920:


SLR 650D:


Lumia 620: