This always brings us to the question, why Nokia pursues there US strategy with so fewer options for customers. They have now five Lumia WP8 devices covering all the price ranges from cheapest Lumia 520 to high-end Lumia 920. But, you can’t find Lumia 520, Lumia 620 or Lumia 720 at any major retailer or operator yet in US. Especially, Lumia 620 which is doing so well across other markets and can be bought only from Expansys in US. And just to let you now about its popularity it has been one of the top-selling device at Expansys US for long. Even now, it takes top 3 ranks in 20 Top-selling devices at Expansys USA. Not only this it has 5 top ranks out of 8 in the top-selling list.

I think, it was quite sometime back that we posted a rant about why Nokia should bring Lumia 620 unlocked at Amazon and other retailers, if they don’t want to bring it on some carrier. While T-Mobile will have Lumia 521 very soon, Lumia 620 perhaps provide best value for money with FFC, 5MP camera with Flash and HAAC mics across the whole Lumia range.

Anyways, it is typical of Nokia to go annoyingly slow and hurt its chances by not giving buyers more buying options. C’mon, it’s time to move faster now!!

Coming to Expansys US now, they have even listed Lumia 520 and Lumia 720. Surprisingly, Black Lumia 720 is in stock there!!


Best selling link

Lumia 520 link

Lumia 720 link

Thanks Geeks for the Tip. Cheers!!