It seems really great when a major carrier itself claims and celebrates success of some device. In case of Lumia 620, major Thailand carrier TrueMove H has revealed  in a press release that Lumia 620 is immensely popular in Thailand. According to the press release, to celebrate tremendous success of Lumia 620, the carrier has launched many promotions.

According to Dr. Kittinut Tikawan, Director, Device Product of True Corporation Plc, TrueMove H continues to retain its leadership position in Thailand’s smartphone market and will continue to offer attractive promotions this year especially for Windows Phone 8 smartphones such as the Nokia Lumia 620, the latest model which is currently gaining immense popularity. In response to the tremendous success of this model, TrueMove H has launched unbeatable promotions to meet the demand of customers who want to own the Nokia Lumia 620, a hip and affordable smartphone.


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