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Lumia 620 back in stock (3rd time) at Official Noovi shop in Germany. Sold out twice already !!



This is the third time, Nokia has replenished stock of Lumia 620 in Germany. It has been sold out twice already since the time it started selling, and every time Nokia has replenished the stock within 4-5 days. You can read more coverage of this in our earlier articles,





So, Lumia 620 is selling like hot cakes here and there doesn’t seem to be a supply issue, which is evident from quick 4-5 days stock replenishment cycle from Nokia. Then, Germany seems to have fallen in love with Lumia 620 after Lumia 920, it seems. For your info Lumia 920 still remains sold out in all colors other than White at Noovi!!

Lumia 620 link Lumia 920 link

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