So, Nokia decided to launch Lumia 510 in India as the first launch destination. It is the cheapest Lumia yet and Nokia is planning to keep its price less than 11000 INR. But, if you check Lumia 610’s current price in market then it is somewhere around 11341 INR according to data from This data is for India but we understand that it holds true for other parts of the world as well, where both Lumia 610 and 510 will co-exist. So, now how to decide which one to choose over the other ?

Lumia 610 over Lumia 510:

  • More internal memory 8 GB over 4 GB
  • Display with better pixel density though difference is not much significant
  • Corning Gorilla Glass display screen over normal scratch resistant glass
  • Camera with LED Flash
  • Better Battery back up. 9.5 hr over 8.5 hr 3G talk time.

Lumia 510 over Lumia 610:

  • Cheaper than Lumia 610
  • 4 inch screen over 3.7 inch display
  • Thinner and less in weight
  • Better GSM standby time. 738.6 over 670 hr

Some may also prefer Lumia 510’s design over Lumia 610’s design and vice-versa. For some full 4 inch display with 800 x 480 resolution of Lumia 510 can be the real deal. So, here you go. If Lumia 610’s slightly higher price is fine with you the you get a smaller but sharper display and double the memory at 8 GB. If you are fine with 4 GB memory the Lumia 510 is great choice with cheaper pricing.