Lumia 535The first ever Microsoft Lumia branded device revealed itself in images, when it passed certification in China and while we have some details about it, we didn’t know the name. But, if the data from Zauba is any indication, it seems it will be called Lumia 535, as the dummies have already arrived in India. This is not surprising though, as it had already been getting tested in India.

005A3mcetw1elxyljb9kvj30dc0hswf2In fact, what is more surprising here, is the fact that device packs a rear-camera with flash and other details make it a fit case for getting a place between Lumia 630 and Lumia 730.

It has 960 x 540 display resolution, which is supported by Windows Phone 8.1 update 1. The size specs of 139.97 x 71 hint about it having a 5-inch display. Now the images show it sporting most probably a 5 MP camera with flash and FFC too.

We have covered RM-1089 / RM-1090 since the time they were first seen in Adduplex database. We saw it passing certification at FCC, getting certified in Indonesia and traveling to India. RM-1090 is the Dual-Sim variant, while RM-1089 and RM-1091 are Single-Sim variants.

Thanks Vignesh for sending this in!!