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Lumia 521 still the no.1 best-seller at Amazon and HSN. No.3 at Walmart!! Q3 may see Lumia volume surge in US.

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It indeed looks like Nokia may have nailed it with pricing and supplying Lumia 521 in abundance in Q3. Contrary to what we have seen in Q2 in terms of frequent sold outs and out of stocks for long, Lumia 521 has been continuously in stock at all major retailer Amazon, Walmart and HSN.

What is really very impressive is that it has been ruling the charts at all of them. At Amazon, it still is the top-selling No-contract cell phone, which certainly means very good volume uptake and we have seen it on top of charts more often in recent times.


Amazon link

At HSN, where Lumia 521 just sold more than 24000 units in a single day, it is still in stock with the same combo of device+freebies at $119. Guess what, it continues to dominate the charts there as well.Untitled1  HSN link

Not only these two even at Walmart, which is currently pricing Lumia 521 at $129, slightly more than Amazon at $121 and $119 at HSN, it is the 3rd top-selling phone.

Walmart link

It is easy to see that Nokia has decided to go for a volume surge in Q3, obviously with help of its mass favorite device Lumia 521 in US. If the 24000 devices sold at HSN in one day is some indication, Lumia 520 which has already arrived at AT&T and MetrpPCS at just $99 will be huge sellers.

Also being the top selling device at three major retailers means something. We are hoping Lumia shipments in US to cross 1 million mark during Q3. Is it ambitious?

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  • Geeks
  • Fossi

    I´d recon if I bought a phone for 99$ or say 99€ here in Finland. I am buying with the thought in mind that this garbage, this is mainly a emergency situation I need a phone right now and I can´t afford a 300+ $ or € phone at the moment…..

    But with the Lumia 521 you get the full awesome smartphone experience at a price point that is usually nothing more than simple calls and text messages. Nokia has managed to produce a low cost smartphone, where they have cut the cost on pieces that don´t sacrifice the overal smartphone experience… build quality, camera, flash a cheaper screen etc. But the smoothness of windows phone 8 is just as smooth as the lumia 620 or 720..

    That´s the way to go if you want to sell phones…
    e.g. First time buyer spends 99$ on a Lumia 521 a year later the same person spends the extra buck to get a Lumia device with maybe a better screen. Cause he or she has gotten familiar with the Lumia experience.

    • Kamal Mishra

      Well said!!

  • Alex

    Amazon best seller lists have never indicated anything for Nokia. Why do you think it’s going to be this time around?

    • Kamal Mishra

      It is top seller in prepaid phones list which is much higher in overall ranking than contract phones. Check 4 ur self!!

      • Alex

        If you look at the 2nd and 3rd best-selling off-contract phones there, you can see the volumes are minuscule. Those aren’t exactly hit phones.

        So being at the top of the chart doesn’t mean the phone is selling significant volumes.

  • Work with numbers if HSN sold in one day in one day more than 24000 Nokia 521 so 3 months are 92 days, we could imagine that will be sold only trough HSN roughfly minimal 1 millions of Nokia lumia 521 without walmart, amazon, att, t-mobile, microsoft stores, and other stores, so for lumia 521 and 520 expected volume in USA is around 2 million 🙂 others lumias around 1 million so we are at record zone here in USA 🙂

    • Kamal Mishra

      24000 in one day was at $99 offer. Now, it is not $99 and we can expect lesser uptake.

      • Geeks

        AT HSN it’s back to $119.9. But ATT has started selling L520 for $99 and there is no indication that the price will be increased. Also, MetroPC is selling L521 for $99 and I doubt that the price will be increased. There’s going to be a price war at that level between ATT , Leap Wireless (being acquired by ATT), T-Mobile & MetroPC (now part of T-Mobile).

        I strongly believe that L520 & L521 price is going to remain low in the US – meaning huge volume at the expense of the DROIDs.

        • Kamal Mishra

          Yup, price has been made awesome ans supply has been rock solid. That really gives high hopes!!