We brought to you a comprehensive report from India about Lumia 520 sales performance and it was well sold out at nearly every major online retailer except than UniverCell. Check now and it is gone even from UniverCell. The retailer now lists it as not available. Surprisingly theres in no improvement at other retailers with only Cyan available at Nokia Shop. Lumia 520 still is sold out at all other retailers. You can check the links from our two previous articles.



Though, now it seems it is not only supply issues behind Lumia 520 going  out of stock. Many current Android users have been asking me about the Lumia 520 and even few compared it to my Lumia 920 saying it has equally good design :P. Anyways a visit to retail stores of UniverCell and Sangeetha has confirmed that they are finding it difficult to cater to demand even in stores.

Nokia on the path to make a comeback both in volume and mindshare!! Wot say?

Thanks Chetan for the Tip. Cheers!!