It has been some time since my last article as I have been waiting to see what HMD Global will be releasing soon and also the most important update in their current portfolio, the Android 13 upgrade for their SD695 offerings.

While its certainly not the earliest to get this update, HMD Global has a fairly good track record on delivering the updates within acceptable time period.

What end users want to know now are whether the update is stable, if HMD Global has introduced anything new, perhaps a better camera algorithm and finally if now the right time to get these devices!

The Update Process

As usual, I will be sharing my live update process to give end users an overall idea how it goes and to have a quick check if something new has been added.

Should you be getting these devices?

This seems to be the hardest question to answer for the longest time. HMD Global, the home of current Nokia phones have a lot of misses and a few good devices under them. Unfortunately, the pricing seems to be way off then what it should be considering more powerful devices are selling for a lot less now , offering good build quality, good imaging system and quick updates.

But, the Nokia G60 5G and the Nokia X30 5G are on sale in many parts of the world now, with a more palatable price then before. Both these devices are solid mid-rangers with good imaging system which I have reviewed quite extensively before.

Will the Android 13 update sway your opinion on owning this device?

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