Linkedin’s official application for Symbian devices and Extra buttons application, which adds more usability to  Symbian Belle UI have been updated to new versions. For Linkedin application, it is a major update with changes in the whole UI and addition of  support of NFC features. For Extra Button also the functionality has been doubled with all 4 buttons now placed on the taskbar. For updating these apps you need to launch Nokia store on your device.


As you can see in the above screenshot application UI has been revamped and I am loving the new feel of the application. Apart from the UI revamp, now the NFC feature has been enabled with this update. Now you can tap with a NFC tag or other NFC phone to exchange linkedin profile or send an invitation to connect.

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Extra Buttons :

This update puts all the four extra buttons on the taskbar. initially it was possible to put only two buttons on the taskbar. But if you ask me, it could have been better, if number of buttons could be possible to change. Putting all 4 on the taskbar makes it bit cluttered.

Download link