This is second confirmation of the 2.5 million Lumia 920 orders figure in November. Now, Liberum capital believes that Nokia received orders for about 2.5m Lumia 920 by the third week of November. Though surprisingly they say that most of which came from the US market through three channels – Amazon Wireless, AT&T and Best Buy.

They also predict robust demand going ahead in Q1 2013 and say that due to supply situation improvement, last two weeks in this quarter may again see good sales and thus predict more than 3 million sales for the Q4. Due to this robust demand forecast, they have maintained “Buy” rating for Nokia shares.

It is also now available for shipment within 24 hours at Amazon Wireless in the US which we believe was the single largest source of initial orders for the device,” says Lambe.

With almost two weeks still to go in the quarter we believe demand is likely to be high once again, leading to overall shipments of Lumia 920s likely to be above our current estimate of 3m units for the quarter.

“We also expect another 2m units of other Lumia models in the quarter including the Lumia 510, 820, 822, 810, 505 etc. At this point we believe volumes of the Lumia range including the 920 and the 920T are likely to remain stable in Q1’13 as well, since the phone will be shipping in volume in many key markets including China only next quarter.”