The Window Phone app which has gone free next as myAppfree app of the day is Legend of Theia. Check out the game details below:

Name: Legend of Theia
Developer: Giuseppe Zolli

Standard Price: $0.99
Promotion Price: $0.00

Start date: 24th May
End date: 25th May

Legend of Theia Description:

The four kingdoms are in danger.

Theia needs your help! Begin a journey through the reigns of Theia, the legendary world whose history went lost through time. Help reshaping the balance, facing three kind of trials. The first one will ask for collect the three kind of gems you will see in the top of the screen; in the second one, you will have to unfreeze a group of cells; the third one, the hardest, will make you face one of the creatures that are spreading the chaos all over Theia.

To collect the gems, simply drag your finger on a group of three or more gems of the same kind. If there’s no gem to collect, the game will automatically convert the type of some gems, in order to make you continue your quest.

Theia needs you. Are you ready to save the legend?


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