Nokia scheduleevleaks has leaked a schedule, which shows launch timings for three upcoming Lumia devices. RM-1017 is the first one to go to market (early August) and it seems to be a Lumia 530 variant, as we have already seem RM-1018 passing through FCC.

Second device is RM-984 which was revealed by Adduplex data to have 5-inch, 720p display and we reported some more info about  this possible Lumia 720 successor. It has a late August time frame for announcement, which matches to what we reported from our sources.

RM-1028 is not known yet and it will also be released along with the Lumia 720 successor as per the schedule shown above. RM-1027 is the China bound Lumia 636 and RM-1030 is Nokia XL, so it will be interesting to see what RM-1028 actually is.