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So, this was expected as RM-922 has already passed through FCC with 3G and larger size than Asha 501, but in the meantime we saw Asha 500 getting leaked and there was bit of a confusion as it looked smaller than Asha 501.

But, now evleaks has posted press photo of Asha 502 and this is what many may have been waiting. It matches to the original leaked images long time back.

BVNQjTBCAAAT2hM.png largeSpecs and features:

  • It has 5 MP camera with flash.
  • It will have double shot body design
  • Size specs of 102.55 mm x 60.55 mm as compared to 99.2 x 58 of Asha 501.
  • It looks like having a 3.5 inch display.
  • It is a 3G device with WLAN.
  • Will have a Single-sim and Dual-sim variant.

Having used and reviewed Asha 501 already, we can vouch for how much capable Asha 501 is as a smartphone or back-up smartphone. Adding 3G, slightly larger display and 5 MP camera with flash makes Asha 502 a real choice for first time smartphone buyers.

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