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A leaked MS store inventory system document sent to WPcentral proves beyond doubt that Nokia EOS will indeed be coming as Lumia 1020 to AT&T. As per the document, it will be landing in MS store on 22nd of July and thus AT&T  ideally should get it one week before that. So, it will be a record for a Nokia device if it becomes available within one or two weeks of its announcement :P.

Anyways, it will be available in Black, Yellow and White colors at MS store for a price of $602. We surely would like to put a bet on Red also coming at AT&T as the device has been caught getting mass-produced in Red color earlier,


evleaks were the first to reveal that Nokia EOS will be called Lumia 1020 only to create confusion later with their tweet that it may be called Nokia 909.


Anyways, as we opined Nokia 909 for EOS was totally unlikely and good to see that it is indeed being called Lumia 1020 confirming its status  as next flagship.


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